Today We Will Be Superior...

Our Promise


Our Promise is simple, your company WILL benefit from doing business with us. Every customer that walks through our doors will be treated with the upmost respect and we will create a win-win solution for your company that will allow you to succeed. 


Superior Quality


At Superior Wholesale Blinds, we believe that great quality always costs less. With high quality products that will not let you down, we believe our products bring the most value to you and your customers. Your customers will profit more by using our quality products that stand the hand of time.

Superior Service


Gone are the days that you have to deal with a huge company that believes they are better than you. We will treat you like family and resolve any issue you may have. Gone are the days of lazy service that have you pulling your hair when you are trying to deliver to a client of your own. We know time is of the essense and the headaches your customers might bring upon you. That is why we make it OUR JOB to give you something less to worry about. We understand the exact service that you need with your hectic days and we are here to provide it.


Superior Pricing


Are we always the cheapest? No. Will we always bring you the most VALUE? Without a question! Our flexible pricing, service and great quality products makes the value of our products SECOND TO NO ONE in the industry.




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